Net-Zero Guiding Principles

ISO/TC 8 „Ships and marine technology“ invite via Document N1581 dated 24. May 2022 to an International Workshop Agreement (IWA 42) on Net-Zero Guiding Principles.

An International Workshop Agreement is a document developed outside the normal ISO committee system to enable market players to negotiate in an “open workshop” environment. International Workshop Agreements are typically administratively supported by a member body. The published agreement includes an indication of the participating organizations involved in its development. An International Workshop Agreement has a maximum lifespan of six years, after which it can be either transformed into another ISO deliverable or is automatically withdrawn.

Process for developing an IWA [PDF]

Invitation to participate in The Net-Zero Guiding Principles

BSI (on behalf of Our 2050 World) invites interested stakeholders to participate in the development of The Net-Zero Guiding Principles through a series of ISO International Workshops. Net-Zero is the biggest challenge that the planet faces, and we are in the “decisive decade” if we are to limit global warming to 1.5°C. This deliverable has the objective to bring authoritative alignment of “Net-Zero” to support voluntary initiatives, standards, and national and international policy objectives which will remove or reduce variation in definition and approach, ultimately increasing their impact. The Guiding Principles will include the following:

  1. Definition of (sub-planetary) Net-Zero and related concepts
  2. Guidance on how the Net-Zero concept should be incorporated in initiatives, strategies, and policies
  3. The basis for accountability mechanisms and measurements – such as development of consistent indicators enabling reporting and communication

This scope acknowledges and builds on progress by voluntary initiatives, campaigns and governance, supporting their purpose and increasing their reach. It also enables a consistency of “Net-Zero” in future intervention and deliverables (including ISO standards and a means to meet the London Declaration). The IWA should be a mechanism for alignment, rather than a singular method for implementation. In addition, critically the IWA will complement existing standards and standards under development across ISO. The proposed structure is included at the end of this invitation.

Particularly relevant stakeholders include:

  • National Government & Regulators, particularly in policy areas relating to climate mitigation, climate finance, and net-zero mobilisation
  • Non-Governmental Organisations and organisations mobilising net-zero action
  • Intergovernmental Organisations and International NGOs with an interest in net-zero

Due to the need for an inclusive process, all workshops will take place virtually. To accommodate all regions the initial workshops series will take place on (identical, attend one or the other):

  • 2022-07-13 Wednesday 0800 – 1100 UTC+1 (UK, London time).
  • 2022-07-13 Wednesday 1700 – 2000 UTC+1 (UK, London time)

We expect there to be 3 workshop series in total, completed before September and publication in November. Contributions (including those outside of workshops) will be collated and circulated to all those registered. Please visit to register and receive updates, including relevant research and documentation.

IWA 42 – awareness raising sessions

This session on 30. June and 1. July covers what participants can expect, how previous IWA processes have worked and provide an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have. This session will be held in English with French and Arabic Interpretation.


  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Introduction to the topic
  3. What is an IWA, and what is the process?
  4. Why an IWA on net zero?
  5. Real-world experience: IWA 34 (women-owned businesses)
  6. Q&A

Net Zero guiding Principles IW42 Workshop 1

Our 2050 World team is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting on 13. July. This meeting will be the first workshop of the Net Zero Guiding Principles International Workshop Agreement (IWA) process. In anticipation of receiving many comments on the preliminary draft that has been sent to the participants, it is not anticipated that we will be able to cover exactly the same material in each session. We are likely to continue working through comments in sequence across the two workshops on each day. If time permits we may be able to go over some of the earlier work but the focus will be to progress through the development of the principles.

Net Zero guiding Principles IW42 Workshop 2: 9./10. August 2022

Net Zero guiding Principles IWA – 42 Workshop 3: 31. August 2022/1. Sept. 2022

Launch 🚀

The Net Zero Guidelines will be published this Friday the 11th of November at You will be able to view them online or download as a PDF.

COP 27 events 🎤

COP 27 is an important opportunity to launch the Net Zero Guidelines in to action and there are a several events which explore their development and deployment (



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